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    Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure

    • Adventure Play

      Adventure Play

      Adventure play structure is the new trend for indoor amusement park. Players look forward to more challenging games. Liben's developed many novel games to help parks attract popularity. Liben outdoor play structures mainly include trampoline park, ninja course, climbing wall and novel games.

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    • Outdoor Play

      Outdoor Play

      Liben offers custom-built outdoor play structures and encourages kids play with the surrounding of nature. Liben outdoor play structures mainly include outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor solitary playsets and park amenities.

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    • Indoor Soft Play

      Indoor Soft Play

      Soft play structures are designed to provide safe play space for small kids. They can always find great fun and explore the world by play. Liben soft play structures mainly include indoor soft play, ropes course, role play games and interactive play games.

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    • Product Center

      In Liben product center you will find all the products we can do for you, including trampoline park, indoor soft play, indoor adventure park, outdoor playground, park amenities, indoor play toys and more.

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