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    What Kinds Of Outdoor Fitness Equipment Are There? Which One Is Suitable For The Elderly?

    Updated:2021-01-05 09:17:09

    Fitness has become a matter of concern for everyone, everyone is really interested in fitness, after all, health is the first place in your life. In the square among the community can often see outdoor fitness equipment, but you know what kinds are more suitable for the elderly? Now let's learn what kinds of outdoor fitness equipment, to see which outdoor fitness equipment for which people.

    This article contains the following content.

    1,What kinds of equipment are suitable for the elderly?

    2,Strength training

    3,Bouncing type of training

    4,Coordination exercise

    outdoor fitness equipment-1

    First, what kinds of equipment are suitable for the elderly?

    Outdoor fitness equipment is more suitable for the elderly are some of the simpler training programs, such as pulling the hands above, so that you can exercise the shoulder and cervical spine, as well as the strength of the hands. In the fitness equipment, the waist twister is suitable for the elderly, and leg massage equipment, a little milder, a little less power is suitable for the elderly.

    Second, strength training

    Some of the exercise equipment and gym equipment, in fact, there is not much difference, for example, the strength of the pull-ups, and double arm extensions. These are better strength training, in fact, the equipment does not need too much, on a single bar is enough.

    Third, the bouncing type of training

    Bounce-type equipment for the body's leg bounce exercise is very effective, the vertical height='auto' rea of the row of horizontal measurement are helpful single-legged jumping equipment, in these devices to help run or jump in place can be.

    Fourth, coordination exercise

    Feet on the plum pile equipment, hands turn the turntable, can be a good practice of hand and foot reaction ability, but also to practice the coordination of limbs and brain. In fact, whether it is sit-ups or bar, for the body's exercise is very effective. There are more equipment to exercise body coordination, most of them have this role. It is recommended that you can gradually follow along with the exercise.

    outdoor fitness equipment-2

    In the process of using these outdoor fitness equipment to pay strict attention to safety, the above will be written clearly precautions, always remember to pay attention with children, sometimes may be pressed against the child's hand, to focus on the equipment activities, certain places have pressure points.

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