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    Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure


    Liben Astroball Climbing

    Astroball Climbing

    Liben developed many types of novel climbing walls, astroball climbing is among the most popular ones due to it's nice looking and challenging feature. As you can see from the design, astroball climbing looks like balls piling up, players can climb up to the top with the holds on the balls. It can allow two players compete at the same time.

    Liben Stairway to Heaven Climbing Wall

    Sky Stepper

    Sky stepper, also know as stairway to heaven is a type of novel climbing walls. What you can see are poles with different heights. Players have to walk from the bottom pole to the top, the challenge here is "WITH NO HANDS", which means you have to us their balance and walk up very carefully to avoid the drop. Of course it's safe, as all the climbers will be equipped with auto belay to ensure safe landing if they drop. So would love to take the challenge??

    Liben Indoor Boulder Climbing Wall

    Boulder Climbing

    Indoor boulder climbing wal, also known as artificial climbing wall, is a form of indoor climbing to simulate boulder problems indoor environment usually at climbing gyms or some indoor amusement parks. These walls are constructed with wooden boards and plastic rock holds. There would be steep overhanging surfaces that require climbers high technical and coordinated movements to complete the route or reach the top.

    DNA Climbing

    DNA Climbing

    Fun Climbing

    Fun Climbing

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